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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [24 Sep 2005|01:29pm]


Today is Karlees 15th birthday so everyone wish her a happy birthday! AAAA Karlee i love you so much. You were like my first friend and its amazing how close we've stayed through these past almost 15 years. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve it. XOXOXO



And also...


You are also one of my very first friends and although I haven't seen you since like the beginning of summer, I love you! And we really need to do something soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

 haha i love this picture


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[21 Jul 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | one more day of summer school ]

From July 24th to August 12th I will be at CAMP ALONIM!
One of the greatest parts about Alonim is getting letters (hint, hint). And if you write to me I promise I will write back.
So here's the address:

Melinda Gottesman, Session #3, JCIT
Camp Alonim- The Brandeis-Bardin Institute
1101 Peppertree Lane
Brandeis, CA

And when I get back there's going to be a very long picture post.

I will miss you all!

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tons and tons of pictures [04 Jun 2005|08:17am]
[ mood | worried ]

3 things to do to make melinda happy:

1) Look at the pictures

2) Comment with your favorite artist and song. haha ok so my birthdays coming up and my parents gave me an ipod for an early birthday present. as many of you know, the only thing i listen to is clay aiken and that is why my parents gave me an ipod. they said i needed to "expand my horizons."

3) I know its stupid but just fill it out lol. http://www.blunttruthgame.com/takesurvey.cfm?uid=2172631


here are the pictures. mannyyy of them. since april i thinkCollapse )

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THE decision [01 Jun 2005|04:06pm]

Today was my last real day of school. I have four days of finals left and then I'm off for summer. Everyone thinks that this year has gone by so quickly, but my experience was different. Let me explain my story.

When it came time to decide what high school to go to, my parents strongly felt that I should go to Milken. I wasn't opposed to the idea. Why I would be willing to leave all my friends (except maya) and start a completely different route is beyond me. But the fact that I was leaving all my friends didn't completely occur to me until the first day of ninth grade. I felt lonely and nervous and by the time I got to my last class of the day, I felt like crying. I felt like I had made the biggest mistake. All I wanted to do was go to samo.

The first few weeks I would come home from school and look at old pictures of friends or watch old videos I made with them. I would spend hours complaining and wishing I was at samo. This attitude continued for a few more months. I was pretty miserable until about winter break and I had already decided that no matter what, I would be going to samo second semester. I didn't even think I could handle a year at Milken.

The end of the semester came and I figured it would be easier to just wait until the end of the year, and then I would go to samo in tenth grade. Things were starting to get better.

And things continued to get better. Even though I wouldn't admit it to myself, I even started to like the school. But I had forced myself to decide I was going to samo in tenth grade.

Further into the year everything was going good and I spent little time thinking about what school to go to in tenth grade. But then the decision was brought to me again. "What school do you want to go to in tenth grade?" If it was earlier on in the year, my immediate decion would be samo. But things were going good and I was used to Milken.

We had originally been told that the check for Milken was due on April 17th. But I got the deadline extended, and extened again, and again, and again. But finally we were told, "May 31st is the final day you can turn in the check." For weeks before yesterday, this was a huge thing on my mind. I tried everything to help me make a decision. I made pros and cons lists for both of the schools (which came out to be even), I talked to many people to help me decide, I flipped a coin (lol matt), but I just couldn't decide. I had two good decisions in front of me, and it was hard to decide.

So then yesterday we got the deadline extended again, until today. Today was a bad day. Since I start finals tomorrow, I've been so stressed about that. At lunch I checked my grade in math to find out that my grade was lowered from an A- to a B+ because I got a 56% on my last math test. Yeah, that was annoying because I maintained an A- through most of the year and four days before school was over my grade lowered half a grade. Also, I've never done that bad on a test ever before. But the main reason why my day was bad was because it was the day the decision had to be made.

For a very indecisive person, this was a very hard dcision to make. Was I going to stay with the certainty that Milken is a pretty good school and always wonder what I'm missing at samo, or was I going to take the risk by going to samo and knowing I can't switch back to Milken? A few days ago I told my parents I didn't care what school I went to next year and told them to decide for me. They decided Milken, but that conclusion scared me. So I was still faced with making my own decision. And my decision was made the last minute before I had to turn the check for Milken in today. And my decision was Milken. Three reasons why: this was where my parents prefered, I was used to things, and I can always leave later on. If I went to samo I would be stuck there because it looks very bad for colleges if you switch schools more than once. They think you're going to do the same when you get to college.

Am I happy about my decision? No. Would I be happy if I decided to go to samo? No. For two good choices, two bad possible decisions came. I wish I could be two places at once and experience both schools, but sadly I can't. I wish I could spend a day at samo going to all the classes to see what it feels like, but sadly I can't do that either.

So my forced decision was made, and now hopefully I can move on. But I know thats not going to happen. I'm always going to wonder what samo will be like and am always going to wonder what I'm missing out on, but for now I must move on. Who knows what will happen in eleventh grade.

I'm happy if my decision pleased you, and im sorry if it didn't. I love you all so much. At samo and milken. [edit: and hamilton robyn and everywhere else lol] And this doesn't mean that I'm losing touch with all of you Samoers! I'm actually going to make more of a point to see all of you more often, whether you like it or not!

<3 melinda

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happy bday jain! [12 May 2005|11:08pm]

My dearest jain/twin,




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colorado river trip! [25 Apr 2005|10:46pm]

colorado river trip!Collapse )

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[31 Mar 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | jessie ]

Hi, my name is Jessie.

I wake up at 6:25 in the morning. I leave my house at 7:03, but lately its been more like 7:05. I get to my carpool person's house @ 7:07 if lucky. He doesn't come out until 7:11. I arrive at school at 7:22.

I get all my water from bread. Bread is 70% water. It's true.

The viking hat! I don't like it. It can be a viking hat, a fancy fruit bowl, an egg with legs, a muscle man, a face with pointy ears, something that holds you against the wall, the top half of a muscle man, and the bottom half of a bird.

Do you know the muffin man?
The muffin man, the muffin man?
Do you know the muffin man?
Who lives on Drury lane?
jessie: im tired.

coke! quisadilla! coke! coke!

i like you better with blonde hair. that was mean. sorry.

and here she is: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[21 Mar 2005|09:42pm]
Good news! I got back together with Zach :) I won't go into all the details, but I just wanted to post that b/c everyone probably still thinks we're not together.

Stole this from morgan. please please please fill out :) i want to know honestly too.
Am I:
1. Quiet or loud?:
2. Short or tall?:
3. Weird or original?:
4. Cute or sexy?:
5. Nice or mean?:
6. Friendly or selfish?:
7. Normal or special?:
8. Smart or stupid?:
9. Boring or fun?:
10. Attractive or unattractive?:

1. A psycho?:
3. A nerd?:
4. A slut?:
5. Ghetto?:
6. A Bitch?:
8. Two-faced?:
9. Obnoxious?:
10. Immature or mature?:

1. Do you think I'll get married?:
2. If you do, who do you think I'll marry?:
3. When is my birthday?:
4. Who is my best friend?:
5. What song (if any) reminds you of me?:
6. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?:
7. What animal am I most like?:
8. If you could re-name me, what would you call me?:
9. Have you ever had a dream about me?:
10. If you could give me anything, what would it be?:

PERSONAL: (you don't have to answer this part if you're
of the same sex)
2. Would you ever kiss me?:
3. Have we ever kissed?:
4. Would you ever consider being my boy/girlfriend?:
5. Do you ever think about me off-line?:
6. If we spent a day together, where would we go &
what would we do?:
7. If you could describe me in one word what would it be?:
8. Do you or did you ever have a crush on me?:
9. Do you wish we were closer?:
10. Do you love me?:
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[25 Feb 2005|10:51pm]

what your doing tomorrow... you have no idea how much that means to me. you are making my tomorrow plans possible. you are doing something incredibly nice to me, and i feel like the worst person ever in return. please please please let me know what i can do for you. I LOVE U SO MUCH MAYA! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


My incredibly amazing day with Karlee and Tammy.Collapse )

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picnic pics [01 Feb 2005|07:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ive been pretty happy lately. its great. everything seems to be going right :) I've hardly had any homework that past few weeks... I finally have an A- in math (it started out as a B-)... That means that I just might have straight A's!... And love is the greatest feeling ever! life is great.

Oh, here are the picnic pictures I never posted! On martin luther king day a bunch of us decided to go on a picnic at clover park. hehe it was fun.

cLiCk HeRe FoR mOrECollapse )

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the happiest place on earth [24 Jan 2005|08:02am]
[ mood | hungry ]

last saturday the samo marching band went to disneyland and thanks to rachel's mom me, julia, and jenny all got to go :) THANK YOU SO MUCH MOTHER IN LAW! so we were there for 13 hours wandering the park of disneyland. ok heres the pics.

!DISNEYLAND!Collapse )

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[11 Jan 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | pretty happy ]

milken is closed today because of the rain. and its not even raining!!! HAHAHAHA. And I also have school off on friday (staff developement day lol) and monday (martin luther king day). so maybe theres one good thing about milken: lots of days off. we also get a bunch off for jewish holidays which i havent even heard of. ugg... i really dont like milken though. its just so stessing.

late new years resolution:
im always saying how much i miss people and am always wishing so much that i got to see them more. well im going to actually make plans with the people i miss to see them more often.

on february 9th i have to play clarinet along w/ an accompanist in front of the WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL!!! omg im scared. just me and a piano :0

on saturday i might be going to disneyland w/ julia s. and "happen" to see the marching band there and then hang out with them :) and also watch them march around the park.

today my parents surprised me with a very late hanukkah present. it was a new flat iron hair straightener thing! and it works so much better than my 20 buck rite aid one lol.

ok everyone be honest...
does my hair look better:
   curly or straight
   dark brown (my natural color) or lighter (w/ the highlights)

o look wat i got!                                                                                                                                 <center><table width="50%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#ffff00">&nbsp;</td><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#facd1a">&nbsp;</td><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#7fbf00">&nbsp;</td><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#c89a30">&nbsp;</td><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#ffff55">&nbsp;</td><td width="16.67%" bgcolor="#c3c31b">&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td colspan="6" align="center">clay aiken is love</td></tr><tr><td colspan="6" align="center"><small>brought to you by the <a href="http://www.dutchfurs.com/~haze/islove/">isLove Generator</a></small></td></tr></table></center>

ATTENTION ALL MARCHING BAND PEEPS WHO ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND ON SATURDAY: me and julia are in great need of a ride to disneyland!!! anyone whos parents are chaperoning wanna give us a ride? :) i would love you forever and ever and ever and ever......!!!!!!!!!! cause we really really wanna go but cant get a ride there. if only mr.sakow would let us go in the bus :(

a pic of me and my beloved cuzCollapse )

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a bunch of random stuff [08 Jan 2005|11:46pm]

I just got back from the most dreaded babysitting job ever. This cute little sweet 5-year-old had the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. you dont even want to know why it started. it had to do with wiping her butt the wrong way lol. but ya she got really mad for absolutely no reason. i guess she was just having a bad day... but one minute she was all cheerful and then the next minute shes throwing every possible item in the bathroom at me. she threw a hairbrush at me and i currently have a bruise right next to my eye. ya the bathroom was a complete mess. so then i try to hold her down because she is getting extremely violent and throwing really heavy things and then she starts spitting at me! so im covered w/ spit and toilet paper she threw at me with a bruise on my head all surrounded by a bathroom thats so messy that you cant even see the floor and a 5-year-old screaming at the top of her lungs. i was almost crying. next thing she starts crying about how much she misses her mom. she really wants to call her mom and even though it may have been a bad idea, i let her. so her parents are at the restaurant and have already ordered and her dad comes to bring her to the restaurant with them. ok the good part is that they invite me to go to louise's w/ them because they wanted to hear exactly what happened and that was fun because i absolutely love louises. i also come back with 22 bucks from baby sitting for about an hour and a half.  i love baby sitting, but sometimes it gets a little too difficult. im babysitting this girl in two weeks from now and im scared lol.

ok besides baby-sitting, today I also went to la cresenta sp for my scsboa southern-california honor band. ugg i did bad. especially on the second sight reading piece. i also auditioned for the all-state california band this year. i played in the middle school one the last two years. so i tried out for the high school bad this year and didnt get in =( oh well. the good thing was that i got to see james who i havent seen since june! and i also got to see ian who i havent seen in a while. all these amanda walker students i havent seen forever. oh right, james isn't with amanda anymore. james youre so good its crazy. i got to hear you through the door when you were auditioning.

yesterday- yesterday was a very fun day. school ends and me and jessica see mr.cooperman walking a fake duck! hahaha i wish i had my camera!  so then me, maya, jessie, and jessica go to the square mall LOL. ya so we spend like two hours eating. half the time is waiting for jessie's pizza which slides across the floor lol and maya's subway sandwhich which wasnt cooked well enough. oh yes and waving to the little baby next to us. and also maya and jessica having a water fight. so then we walk around the mall for a little while and jessie, jessica, and maya bring me into victoria's secret and tell the lady there that i want to get measured. great... i just dont like the idea of someone getting there little measuring stick and putting it around your chest. why not just try on the bra and see if it fits? its so much easier. ok so then we get mrs.cohen flowers (our jew law teacher whos house we're going to for dinner lol) and jessie really wants to put in a purple flower lol. oh ya and jessie- "I HAVE WAY TOO MANY DOGS!" HAHAHAHA ya so matt picks us all up and drives us to mrs.cohens house. we get there and then in front of our teacher and matt, and our teachers kids, and her husband which is the worst jessica tells everyone "melinda got measured at the mall" haha jessica you are so out there. ya umm i never really got measured though. ok so that was great. oh ya mrs.cohen's husband was also my hebrew high principal last year! lol. so we eat and maya was hilarious! but she says she'll never talk again lol. maya was making jokes at every single comment everyone made. it was hilarious and quite entertaining. then i go w/ maya to her family friends house and then get mssages from her sister :)

michael koo- im really sorry. i feel horrible. please forgive me.

i really hope i get to see him tomorrow.

love has been like all ive been thinking about and i decided its the greatest feeling ever! i would mention my special someone right here, except im not sure if he'd want me to.

even though this question has a bad story behind it, i really want to know what everyone thinks. im stealing this from jain. which phrase has more meaning...



please answer and say why cause i really want to know what you all think.

NOTE: I love u jenn! see ya in orchestra tomorrow my orchestra buddy!

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winter break [02 Jan 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | end of winter break ]

My Winter BreakCollapse )

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[22 Dec 2004|12:35pm]
[ mood | i'm in the christmas spirit!!! ]


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[08 Dec 2004|12:04pm]
comment if you love kristy as much as i do!
and if yur wondering how much that is, it is ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ much! that's a lot of love!

ok now here's melinda:

im @ skool rite now. i just had the most dreadful hebrew test ever. i failed it 4 sure. now i hafta study for 4 more big tests and 2 quizes. aaaa this is such a wonderful time of the year because winter break is just around the corner, but its also one of the hardest times as far as school work. the thing is though, i have like no homework. its all studying for tests. so many tests. every single week. tests tests tests. i hate tests!!!!!!!

ugg. ok im done complaining now. ive had a pretty fun week this week. cause its hanukkah! i went to a very very very fun hanukkah party on tuesday, then on wednesday i went to the jams concert! i got to see some people i havents seen in a while. haha and me and kristy made some wonderful friends! xcept they hate us
kristy: can you walk a little faster?
the people who hate us: we can walk as fast as we want. use the other stairs.
i cant remember what exactly happened. they asked us why we were talking to them or something and we said because we wanted to be friends with them. they either said that they didnt have friends or we didnt. not sure. ok i guess you just had to be there :) maya, u missed the funniness.

o ya another funny story w/ kristy! this was @ the xroads concert where jim carrey was. ok so we went up to him after the concert...
kristy: do you know clay?
jim: no but im bound to meet him some day. do you want me to tell him you both say hi?
me and kristy: yes! tell him melinda and kristy say hi.
jim carrey was actually really nice though

so then tonight i have my chamber ensemble concert! woo hoo! jk. but im happy cause kristys coming! so this week has been pretty fun for a week in school. the only bad thing is that everyday ive been thinking that it was two days ahead. i woke up monday morning and thought it was wednesday. today i woke up and thought it was saturday. not a good start. ok well im looking forward to this weekend so much. i need a break so badly. and then 1 more week of school and then... WINTER BREAK!!!!!!!!!

ewww now i g2g do some homework
bye every1
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childhood memories... o so fun [03 Dec 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

the happiest days of my lifeCollapse )

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i doubt anyones actually gonna read this [15 Nov 2004|06:53pm]

my 4 day weekend...

friday i went 2 the mall and the promenade looking for b-day presents, shoes, etc. i had 2 go by myself cause every1 else had skool off on thursday. shopping isnt nearly as fun by urself but oh well it was still fun lol. so i got the presents but i still need shoes! if any1 sees maroon converse in a size 5 let me kno k? so then i went to samo and saw a bunch of people who i havent seen since june or in a while. that was fun. then me and zach went to smc and watched the rehearsal for the marching band and i guess the football game 2. i had a gr8 time. the marching band is amazing! and the color guard is pretty kewl 2.

saturday: i had a pretty boring day on sat xcept 4 sat nite. well i woke up @ 8 for nothing! me and xtina have tennis class on sunday mornings but then they called us 2 cancel cause of the rain. then i was gonna go 2 temple for like the first time since june, but then i realized i had a sore throat and i just wanted 2 sleep (even though i ended up doing hw). also on sat my dearest tam tam from sd was supposed 2 come on saturday, but then it turned out she couldnt :( but shes coming thanksgiving weekend so that will be super duper (haha what a cool word!) i <3 u tam-tam! sat nite i went 2 a surprise partay and that was mucho fun. it was fun actually doing something fun after studying all day.

sunday: i got up @ 11 on sun. yes! i finally got 2 sleep in. i did hw till 2 and then went 2 a party from 2-9. fun fun. we saw the incredibles. it was... incredible. then i got fat off of cheescake, apple pie, ice cream, and a billion cookies. it was so depressing on sun though cause i didnt get 2 see kristy. me and kristy have seen each other on sunday since the very first weekend of skool! kristy im so sad now!

monday i also had no skool 2day. got up late again...went 2 the lazy daisy and did hw while i was there grrrr... came home and did hw... went 2 visit jams! omg i miss jams so much. i was like holding back tears while talking 2 my teachers and then i couldnt stop crying while i was walking home. but this was like the billionth time ive cried about it. being nostalgic sux. but then while i was walking home i ran into jain and ananya so that was cool. i also met their friend zoe and found out she lives like 5 houses down from me lol. that just shows how well i know my neighbors. so i came home and got a call from my jew law teacher saying our test was postponed sp till thurs. sounds gr8 but im not happy @ all. now i have 2 more days of worrying.

im so excited 4 2nite. @ 9:00-10:00 clay aiken is gonna be on larry king live, cnn! omg he has an hour special! i read an ad for it and it says that he's gonna annouce something for the first time 2nite that he hasnst said yet. everyone says that hes gonna say that hes gay. i really dont think so. ok let me say this once and for all... i have absolutely no problem w/ people that r gay (i actually have a lot of respect for people who are openly gay cause i kno it takes a lot for them to announce that), but clay isnt gay cause hes gonna marry me! and kristy. lol. then 2morrow clay's book and xmas cd come out! WOO HOO! so much clay!

<3 ya all,


kristy ur such a sweetie. like kristy said in hers xcept different, COMMENT IF U LOVE KRISTY! i better see a lot of comments :)
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vote 4 nader JK [02 Nov 2004|08:52pm]


such a wonderful holidayCollapse )

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KRISTY WROTE THIS! [23 Oct 2004|11:52am]
[ mood | i miss kristy ]

a little note from kristy pretending to be me:
I MISS KRISTY!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I'VE SURVIVED A WHOLE (almost) MONTH AT SCHOOL WITHOUT HER!!!!!! :'( i can't stop thinking about the great memories we've shared together, and how a big chunk of our togetherness was through school. with me going to milken, it cut out our hangout time about 90%. :(:(:(:( did everyone know that we've been going to school together since preschool? i'm so depressed. milken stinks. i'm not a private school person at all. without maya, i would die. i don't have very many friends at milken, and it's so hard to think that if i were at samo i would have gajillions of them. anyway, life's hard living without kristy. I LOVE YOU KRISTY!!!!
on another note, 38 more days until clay's birthday!!!!! :)

ok now its melinda:
im doing this for you emma...

who ever says schools should ban homework paste this in your livejournal and add ur name
2. Melinda Aiken

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